SL gets new outdoor bus depot

I might have missed the news but I don’t think I’ve heard of anything like SL (the organisation running all of the land based public transport systems in Stockholm County) being allowed to park buses on bicycle lanes.

SL gets new outdoor bus depot

I’ve been cycling the same portion of Sveavägen (between Kungsgatan and Sergels torg) for the last 2 years and it’s only since the last couple of weeks that I’ve had to ride on the main road in order to avoid SL buses parked half on the parking area, half on the bike lane.

I did not mind at first but today I got tired of it and decided to stop for a quick shot. There were three buses in a row parked as bad as the one shown on the picture and I’ve got to ask SL: “when did it become OK to use the bicycle lane on Sveavägen to park buses?”

With a concrete wall on the left side of the road there is no way for car drivers to avoid a cyclist who is maneuvering around the bus. Does the situation look safe? Is the location supposed to be a bus depot in the first place?

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4 thoughts on “SL gets new outdoor bus depot”

  1. Sveavägen is a nasty place in any case. Can’t you go on Regeringsgatan north and Malmskilnadsgatan south instead, they seem safer. Even Birger Jarlsgatan is better, as long as you take the lane Between Stureplan and Berzelli

    1. I agree : all the way from Wenner-Gren Center to Sergels torg Sveavägen is not a bike friendly street. I should really consider Malmskillnadsgatan even if I have to take the stairs from Tunnelgatan (where my office is located).

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