lunch at Bianchi Café & Cycles

Having lunch with a fellow bicyclist in central Stockholm is something one could pretty much do in any restaurant but there is one place in particular where it makes complete sense: Bianchi Café & Cycles.

Bianchi Café & Cycles, as the name kind of tell, is both a bike shop – Bianchi bikes only obviously – and a restaurant that offers an all-you-can eat buffet of cold and hot dishes at lunch time.

Lunch at Bianchi Café & Cycles

The buffet is rather expensive (139 SEK) compared to the general pricing (most restaurants propose a “dagens lunch” which often consists of 3 alternatives for a reasonable price: 80 to 95 SEK) but one must admit that the food quality and selection is worth the difference in this case. Cooks are actually at work right behind the counter which is a good enough guarantee of freshly prepared food.

Buffet apart it’s also for the restaurant setting that I would recommend Bianchi Café & Cycles: bikes on stands and hanging from the ceiling definitely add to the coziness of this rather small place and the limited number of tables.

Lunch at Bianchi Café & Cycles, the restaurant

A restaurant I would definitely recommend to bicycle enthusiasts – but not only – for lunch now and then.

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