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save your ass, guess a number #1

I’m giving away a black smartass from to the person who will give the closest answer to the following question: what distance am I going to cycle in August? To enter the competition and save your ass just leave a reply below.

Ass saver, got you covered

The emergency mudguard that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t –


  • Only comments submitted before August 31st at 23:59:59 CET are valid
  • Only one comment per email address and IP address is allowed
  • Distance must be in kilometers because miles don’t exist in SI
  • Distance can have up to two decimal places
  • If two or more people give the same winning answer, I’ll pick the first one (oldest comment)

The winner will be contacted by email (so make sure you leave a valid address) and announced here during September.

Have fun.

Result. The right answer was 129.14 kilometers and the smartass goes to Ricky Albores with 69.69 kilometers. Congratulations!

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Born in 1980 in France. Got lost in Finland in 2002. Living in Sweden since 2005. Daily, year-round, rain snow or shine bicycle commuter since 2012. And yes, that's lots of dates.

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