this is not a bicycle lane

Remember the 50 million Swedish kronor art pieces motorists will soon be able to enjoy while stuck in traffic on Norra länken? Well it looks like cyclists have not been forgotten and bicycle lanes are getting their share of fine arts too. Or is it art?

Stockholm’s population is among the fastest growing among European cities1 and the city is undergoing a major facelift to accommodate the crowd (or some of it at least): apartment buildings are popping up all over, roads are widen and resurfaced, … You would think the best way to transport those people with no or little change to the infrastructure would be to get them on bicycles as often and safely as possible but you would be wrong.

This is not a bicycle lane
This is not a bicycle lane

Bicycle lanes have been used for lots of things lately – as temporary (we’re talking months here) bus stops, as parking space for trucks or just as some place to put signs up – and cycling through Stockholm has become quite painful and dangerous. Maybe I’m just narrow-minded and a safe and easy ride to and from work is too much to ask. Maybe I’m just not ready for all this art thing. What about you? Cycling in Stockholm? Enjoying the exhibition?

Here’s a short selection of bike lane art. Enjoy. The walking cyclist, Cycling around the North Pole , The wall ride, Bike the bikes & The cycling bus stop.


stop wasting time & ride a bike

I have a big announcement to make so let me get straight to the point: I haven’t been on LinkedIn for 7 years yet but, a couple of days ago, I found a use for it!

The social network recently invited me to answer two surveys and paid me $25 (each) to do so! I chose not to withdraw the money from my Paypal account but went looking for cool bicycle stuff on Etsy instead where I came across Brittany Slopey‘s work (she’s a graphic designer from Philadelphia): I liked two of her posters and just ordered them.

No fuel, no insurance & free parking
No fuel, no insurance, free parking

Stop wasting time and ride a bike
Stop wasting your time and ride a bike

The two posters are now framed and ready to be put up on a wall. What do you think? Do you like them? Should I spend next surveys’ money on such items by young artists and creators or should I just be on LinkedIn for the sole sake of being harassed by recruiters over the phone?