Thank you for cycling - Tack för att du cyklar

thank you for cycling – May 22, 2013 – tack för att du cyklar

On May 22, the City of Stockholm and Naturskyddsföreningen (the most influential nonprofit environmental organization in Sweden) will give goodie bags to cyclists around Stockholm as a thank you for riding a bicycle (“tack för att du cyklar”).

Cycling in Stockholm

In order to get one of the 100,000 bags you will have to ride by one the following check points (see on a map):

  • Alvik (Alviksplan)
  • Hornstull
  • Ekelundsbron (Solna)
  • Slussen – bike service available
  • Årstabron
  • Lilla skanstullsbron
  • Hammarbyfärjan (Södermalm)
  • Roslagstull – bike service available
  • Stadshuset – bike service available
  • Norrtull
  • Lidingöbron (Ropsten)
  • Sankt Eriksplan
  • Raoul Wallenbergs torg- bike service available
  • Älvsjö station (by the bicyle parking)
  • Kista – bike service available
  • Hökarängen

Will you commute by bike on May 22 and ride by one of the check points to get a bag? What do you think the goodies will be this year?

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Laurent Pignon

Born in 1980 in France. Got lost in Finland in 2002. Living in Sweden since 2005. Daily, year-round, rain snow or shine bicycle commuter since 2012. And yes, that's lots of dates.

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  1. Sh… I can’t bike today… I have a conference at work and might be a little “Happy” tonight… drink or bike, you have to choose!

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